Frequently asked questions

Guests without a vehicle

Do you offer family tickets or discounts?
There is no special family tickets available because all children under 15 years of age can enter free when accompanied with adults.
Can I re-enter the event area with the same entrance fee?
Yes. You can visit the town center, get some lunch, do some shopping and come back to the event area later.
Do you accept credit or debit card payments?
Both credit/debit cards and cash are accepted. Euros are the only currency accepted.
Can I bring my own food or drinks?
Yes, you can bring your picnic foods and non-alcoholic beverages. Bringing your own alcohol beverages is not allowed.
Can I barbeque inside the event area?
No. Open fire is a security risk, so no campfires or barbeque inside the event area.

Guests with vehicle

Do I have to register for the event?
Pre-registration of vehicles is not necessary. Just show up at the gates with suitable vehicle. We suggest to come early as there might not be enough room for everyone. The area can take about 1.500 vehicles.
How much is the entrance fee for a vechicle?
Entrance fee for the vehicles is 10€ per vehicle. It includes the driver and one passenger.
What kind of vehicles are allowed to enter the event area?
There’s no strict rules but our guidelines are that vehicles must be old enough or otherwise special to enter the round-up. If it’s your few years old daily driver it might no pass the gates.
Is this event for American cars only?
No. All kinds of classic cars, hot rods, kustoms and special interest vehicles are welcome.
Can I participate with a bus or a truck?
Classic buses, vintage trucks and American trucks are welcome. Due to the big size of these vehicles, we would like to ask you to send us a e-mail beforehand.

Other frequently asked questions:

Where can I get Big Wheels -postcards, posters, t-shirts?
We have a sales stand in the event area with posters and t-shirts for sale -postcards are FREE and every visiting vehicle gets also a participation decal.